LEME - List of Eligible Materials and Equipment

The List of Eligible Materials and Equipment (LEME) is a revolutionary solution in the field of EU energy efficient programmes supporting Polish entrepreneurs. Watch the film.

The LEME list is also an excellent promotion method for suppliers of the registered products. Watch the film.

The LEME list 's unique features include:

  1. Automatic classification of investment projects as eligible for the PolSEFF2 programme.
    All materials and equipment registered on the LEME have been prequalified as eligible to be financed within PolSEFF2. In order to finance the purchase and installation of the equipment registered on the LEME list, a SME simply needs to print the selected material and equipment certificate and present them at one of the banks participating in the PolSEFF2. The certificates are available on the webpages of individual materials and equipment.
    Details of the investment process based on the LEME list are available in the section HOW TO APPLY.
    Click here  in order to see all materials and equipment categories listed on LEME.
  2. LEME is expanded constantly.

          Every entrepreneur, producer, investor or equipment supplier can register specific equipment
          and/or material, which complies with the defined minimum performance criteria to the LEME list.
          Manufacturers and vendors of energy efficient equipment and materials may apply for registration
          to the LEME list after creating an account on the website and submitting the relevant technical
          information about the product businesses, that wish to purchase equipment that is not listed on
          the LEME list, should request their preferred supplier to register and submit the product of interest
          through this website.

          Applicants willing to install equipment not comprised in the list need to carry out an energy audit,
          in order to select the appropriate equipment the PolSEFF2 engineers review all candidate products
          before they are added to the LEME list company registration, submission and final approval
          of compliant materials and equipment to the list is free of charge. 
          You can submit any number of products.

      3. Source of knowledge and information.

          The LEME list assembles the most up-to-date energy efficient technologies available on the Polish
          The LEME search engine enables SME’s to find the right and most energy efficient product easily.

      4. Excellent promotion method for suppliers of the registered products.

          An inclusion of equipment and/or material on the LEME list indicates that the products has been
          verified by independent energy experts. it provides a one-stop-shop for potential customers planning
          to invest in high energy-efficient performance equipment.
          SMEs purchasing products from the LEME list are entitled for a 10% grant.
The grant will be disbursed by the participating bank after the completion of the project.