For Entrepreneurs

PolSEFF2 offers entrpreneurs the knowledge and financing necessary to carry out energy efficiency investments in their company.

Being an entpreneneur, you may receive the following benefits by participating in the programme:  

  • Annual energy savings of at least 20%.
  • A grant of 10% or 15% of the loan amount used to finance the eligible elements of the project.
  • Free support of Certified Energy Experts who assist in completing the required application forms and conduct the required technical and financial evaluation of the project. The experts also provide energy audits and verify that the investments qualify for financing.
  • An easy access to the LEME database, containing pre-approved materials and equipment that offers a high degree of energy efficiency.
  • Availability of the Programme throughout Poland through local branches of the participating banks.

We know that entrepreneurs are always short on time. That is why we developed an expedited method for approving projects (LEME list) in addition to the standard procedure, which involves assessing each project individually.


The eligible costs include every project related expenditure incurred by the investor that fulfils the criteria of the programme. The costs can cover:

  • designing, preparing the technical documentation i.e.: audit and energy assessment, reports, certificates etc.
  • purchase of machines, materials, technologies
  • installation of machines, materials, technologies
  • commissioning of machines, materials, technologies
  • buying and installing Energy Management Systems.